Top 20 Coupon Sites for E-commerce Stores in India

Table of Contents

Top 20 Coupon Sites for E-commerce Stores in India

Table of Contents


Online shopping websites have emerged with different sales and deals for attracting consumers from moment to moment. You can verify yourself to be a wise shopper unless you’ve commenced taking advantage of these online discounts and values. Although a bulk of e-commerce sites have their devoted sales and coupons on offer, you might select to correlate the reasonable offers accessible in the whole business under a sole comparison website.

These coupon sites not present some of the best options to compare the websites that provide the best deals and subsidies from your preferred brands.

You’ll discover similar items given by your beloved brands solely by selecting the perfect product sector. These coupon websites are using exceptional developed technologies for maintaining their shopping platforms modernized with the latest offers besides evaluating all impending industry tendencies. Most of them are using all improved comparison methods besides the latest web analytics for inferring the target audiences.

The Top 20 Coupon Sites for E-Commerce Stores in India:-

  1. Grabon:

Grabon emerged in this field in 2013 and since then had tie-ups with over 10 plus retailers. Apart from the statements and conditions, a clear remark of all acceptable offers and their expiry dates is the aspect that makes Grabon a famous name in this industry.

  • Domain Authority: 66
  • Traffic: 2.0M
  • Backlinks: 1.14M
  • Organic Keywords: 2.0M

  1. Coupon Dunia:

This site started undertaking in 200 and has achieved Times Internet as one of its important shareholders since its origin. This site generates enormous deals when it comes to reserving movie tickets or a table at a popular restaurants beside your choicest cab rides. You’ll certainly find incredible deals on electronic gadgets.

  • Domain Authority: 64
  • Traffic: 200K
  • Backlinks: 6.25M
  • Organic Keywords: 107K
  1. Groupon India:

It is a prominent coupon website in India that not delivers you with the promising coupon suggestions and deals relating to restaurants, movies, and other associated benefits. You may benefit from much-reduced prices while positioning orders for your loved movies and food commodities.

  • Domain Authority: 87
  • Traffic: 1.1K
  • Backlinks: 602
  • Organic Keywords: 698
  1. Coupon Raja:

Coupon Raja lowered an anchor in 2007 and it’s contribution deals covering a slight over 3000 commodities coming from some of the most well-known e-commerce arenas. This site even gives cashback for all significant banks in our nation.

  • Domain Authority: 47
  • Traffic: 53.4K
  • Backlinks: 71.5K
  • Organic Keywords: 57.6K
  1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the best couponing websites around. It’s a versatile site that offers valuable coupons to its users. You can print out coupons to use in-store or take advantage of cashback opportunities while shopping online.

  • Domain Authority: 79
  • Traffic: 1.7M
  • Backlinks: 9.53M
  • Organic Keywords: 403K
  1. Indian Free Stuff:

India Free Stuff has earned acclaim for sorting the enormous discounts that you come across in, Flipkart, Amazon, and other platforms. You may even stand an opportunity to trap with the lowest of giveaways.

  • Domain Authority: 43
  • Traffic: 69.7K
  • Backlinks: 358K
  • Organic Keywords: 97.9K
  1. CouponZ Guru:

Most of their appeals are of ensured quality savings on online shopping and flight booking besides restaurant and hotel booking. You’ll find it much simpler to utilize these coupon advantages as you cannot retain them while searching.

  • Domain Authority: 55
  • Traffic: 200K
  • Backlinks: 177K
  • Organic Keywords: 108K
  1. Cash Karo:

The Cash Karo website even delivers you the chance to attend the dealer website for a proper comparison. Under their referral procedure, the buyer is allowed to don’t receive a 10% deduction for every referral.

  • Domain Authority: 67
  • Traffic: 1.8M
  • Backlinks: 190K
  • Organic Keywords: 693K

  1. offers a wide variety of money-saving opportunities. It can help you save money on groceries, flights, and everything in between.

You’ll find both local and national level deals on It is an easy place to assess all of your coupon options in one place, which is why it’s one of the best websites for free coupons.

  • Domain Authority: 71
  • Traffic: 762K
  • Backlinks: 2.73M
  • Organic Keywords: 407K
  1. Coupon Nation:

Coupon Nation has its existence felt all over India. This site shows you through some of the trending bargains shown by all trending sites. You may get a chance to distinguish these offers and grab the ones that you like.

  • Domain Authority: 37
  • Traffic: 375
  • Backlinks: 2.95K
  • Organic Keywords: 271
  1. Coupon Rani:

Coupon Rani has unique nice alternatives for you when it comes to reserving hotels, requesting flowers and planning travels.

  • Domain Authority: 51
  • Traffic: 3.2K
  • Backlinks: 354K
  • Organic Keywords: 14.6K
  1. Upto 75:

The website had started providing discounts worth up to 75 percent on booking hotel rooms, shopping online and even on restaurant bills ever since began its business way back in 2009. Discount coupons usually are dispatched through SMS and if you have preferred by mail then you will receive an email.

  • Domain Authority: 28
  • Traffic: 95K
  • Backlinks: 24K
  • Organic Keywords: 102K
  1. Coupon Dekho:

Coupon Dekho have been boosting fabulous deals and discount offers. It focuses on a combination of electronic, eatery, online recharges, fashion, flight booking, and many baby health products per se.

  • Domain Authority: 60
  • Traffic: 6.7K
  • Backlinks: 51.1K
  • Organic Keywords: 17.6K
  1. Save My Rupee:

Save My Rupee is a site that primarily gives you with DTH service deals and online recharge deals. You may attain coupons for websites like Mobikwik, PayTm and Free-charge.

  • Domain Authority: 26
  • Traffic: 292
  • Backlinks: 1.61M
  • Organic Keywords: 55
  1. My Dala:

Be it on shopping, touring or films, My Dala is bound to deliver you with coupon and cash-back appeals under maximum situations.

  • Domain Authority: 55
  • Traffic: 20.8K
  • Backlinks: 1.51M
  • Organic Keywords: 31.8K


The name of this site says it all; it is one of the best coupon sites you can use. You can find coupons for both physical and online retailers through The site updates its coupon selection monthly, so make sure to check back regularly. In addition to coupons, you can earn cash back on purchases by linking your debit card to the site.

  • Domain Authority: 82
  • Traffic: 372K
  • Backlinks: 26.1M
  • Organic Keywords: 404K
  1. Coupon Trends:

Online coupons- Save more with online discount coupons, shopping coupons, online shopping offers with discount coupons available at .

  • Domain Authority: 17
  • Traffic: 22.3K
  • Backlinks: 8.24K
  • Organic Keywords: 19.7K
  1. Go Paisa:

Gives coupons listings that generate commission worth 100% on the stuff you purchase. You may certainly catch up with a few considerable bargains that come with their associate program. You will attain value discounts by citing some of your friends.

  • Domain Authority: 37
  • Traffic: 85.9K
  • Backlinks: 40.7M
  • Organic Keywords:  85.9K
  1. Nearbuy:

It is an associate of Groupon and Nearbuy is usable in more than 35 cities and delivers coupons in over 18 various sections. It is one of India’s most prominent coupon websites, giving discounts and tickets for movies, and similar other services. With its vast compilation of coupons, suggestions, deals, and discounts, it enables users in saving capital while they are shopping online or eating out at a fancy restaurant.

  • Domain Authority: 64
  • Traffic: 957K
  • Backlinks: 41.3K
  • Organic Keywords: 379K
  1. Desidime:

They have a carefully advanced option of sellers and bargains, delivering rise to it simple for everyone to discover their coupons rapidly. The website gives tickets for retailers such as Myntra, Koovs, and Snapdeal, among others. The site has a Facebook page where you can learn about their recent deals. When you like and this page, these bargains will occur as a Notification on your Facebook account.

  • Domain Authority: 53
  • Traffic: 353K
  • Backlinks: 13.9K
  • Organic Keywords: 340K

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