How Traditional Business Can Transform Into D2C Business

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How Traditional Business Can Transform Into D2C Business

How Traditional Business Can Transform Into D2C Business

How Traditional Business Can Transform Into D2C Business

Today, if we talk about D2C business then every traditional business wants to transform into a D2C business. Wondering, how to do it?

It doesn’t matter which type of business you have whether it is a manufacturing unit, importing from China, or supplying from any third-party source. You can transform your traditional business into a D2C business.

The Covid-19 lockdown teaches us many things and also helps us to know how a D2C business can evolve in the market. Yes, with D2C business, you can directly reach your customers easily and can provide them resources as per their needs.


But still, the biggest issue is how to transform the traditional business into a D2C business.

What is a D2C brand?


D2C brand is a type of Direct to Consumer or
business-to-consumer where new strategies will be built and ship products
directly to the customers. Users can get a huge amount of sales by transforming
their business into D2C business and the most amazing thing is that the
Internet Penetration is very high in India. Smartphones are in everyone’s
pocket and you can reach them by implementing some effective strategies.

Now if you want to transform your business into a D2C
business then there are a lot of changes you need to bring. Earlier, you were
dealing with distributors, suppliers, dealers, and some other networkers.

But now, your motive is to reach the customer’s perception directly. That’s why making changes is quite necessary. Before moving further, it is also necessary to know what changes we need to make. Let us go through it. 

 Change the Focus


Well, traditional business is quite different than D2C
business and that’s why changing the focus is the topmost priority. In
traditional business, your networkers were different and your thinking will
always be to bring something innovative to the market. You cannot think about
your customer’s perception of your traditional business. So this is the biggest
change you need to make.

You need to start thinking about the customer’s view or else
you need to close this business. As you have never taken an experience
customer’s feedback. So you need to go with a fundamental shift by taking the
customer’s perception in mind. The process of traditional business is quite
different than D2C business because of the different supply chains. 

Traditional business into D2C business

 Change in Psychology

Yes, it is another important thing if you are looking to transform your traditional business into a D2C business. Earlier, you have only a customer support section where we have to solve customer queries but now you need to provide them with proper guidance.

You need to tell them how to use this product and you have to make a direct connection with your customer. We are not saying that you have to leave customer support, you just need to connect with your customer in every way and have to get ready to provide them with the best solution for their ask. 

Adapt Agile Mindset

In traditional business, there is a long process you need to go with but in D2C business, you should only be customer-focused. You don’t need to deal with a big supply chain because now your only target is your customers.

Earlier, it takes a lot of time to take a particular decision but now you have to make quick decisions. If you have a big team then they should also know how to adopt an agile mindset. Now you cannot wait for so long to make decisions. Just make sure your team members are ready to come up with this change of making quicker decisions. 


To bring traditional business into the D2C business, you need sufficient time to go through the complete process. So just make a proper plan of how you will go through it. What resources are necessary for you, just find those things. We are not talking about financial resources only, it also includes human resources, consultants, or some other workforce type. So just take sufficient time to make proper planning with the changed mindset and start working on it.

Define Target Audience and Marketing Strategy

So if you want to make your D2C business popular and want to make more sales then you have to start targeting your audience. You should know how your audience about their taste, preference, likes, and dislikes. There should be an age group that will love your product if it fits their needs. That’s why targeting the audience in business is always necessary through which you can know whether your product is fit for them or not.

Your Marketing Strategies should be always innovative if you want to scale up your business. The planning should be perfect to bring the products in front of customers. It is always necessary to collect data and start analyzing it deeply. Whether it is a traditional business or a D2C business, you need to collect data and have to work accordingly. To plan a marketing strategy, you should have financial resources and a proper roadmap to your success.

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Allocate Resources and Execute

After you have done with planning and resources, now you have to start executing your plans. Whether you want to continue your traditional business with a D2C brand, you will be required to allocate resources. To execute your plans, you need to frame your work into small buckets and test your product.

Without proper testing of your products, you cannot get success in your business. You need to check whether you have targeted the right audience or not. You need to test your products in the market in the initial days and you have to understand the industry you are working in and have to plan your test buckets accordingly. 

Open to Feedback

You cannot simply ignore the feedback of your customers. As we have seen in traditional businesses they cannot digest poor feedback related to their products. It is just because of the poor mindset and they consider it as a bad phase of their business but didn’t accept the feedback of customers.

So, here I just want to say that you cannot scale your business if you are not listening to the feedback of your customers. You need to get ready for it and have to respect their feedback whether they are positive or negative. It is necessary to understand the fundamental of the feedback and have to execute the planning accordingly.

Your customers will give you genuine feedback about your product whether it is expensive or not and many other things. So just take their feedback seriously and execute the plans as per that only. 



So we hope that you have understood all these things clearly, now if you are executing these plans in your traditional business then you can transform into a D2C brand. I hope you have liked this article and it remains helpful for you.

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