Top 30 Email Campaigns Templates for D2C Brands

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Top 30 Email Campaigns Templates for D2C Brands

Emails are the first impression you put on the mind of your readers. It will tell them that you care about them and their decision to subscribe to your emails. Emails give customers a warm welcome they need. So that they can be comfortable and able to trust you.

Open rates of welcome emails are high in number. So it is a great opportunity to get the attention of your subscribers and leads you to build trustful relationships with them. So you have to be careful about what you put on your emails. 

Put your best efforts into the first impression the subscriber gets from the emails. Further in the article, you will learn how to write emails, execute the email campaign, and get some tremendous template campaigns that will help you in your email campaigns.

Importance of email campaigns

Email campaigns help build a trustful relationship with your potential customers and subscribers. By sending these emails, you give them a reason to trust you and your service or product. Which further leads them to buy the service or the product.

  • It helps in expressing gratitude towards the subscribers. And you will be able to introduce your brand, which helps them to trust your products or services.
  • It encourages the customer to make purchases. Which will lead to an increase in sales. 
  • You can tell them how you are different from others in this field. If you got something others don’t, it would be easier for them to trust your company.
  • It builds trust between you and the customer. Without trust, no one is going to make any purchase. So it is essential for sales purposes.
  • Introduce products or services and their features. It is necessary to educate them about what you offer. Then only the customer will be able to make up their mind if they want to purchase or not.

Things to do if you want an effective Email campaign

  • Set up Automation

Use automation for emails to follow up with users on the offer to present to them. Like if you say your customer will get free vouchers or gift cards if they purchase within the 2 hours. You should automate an email so they can immediately get the coupons or gift cards when they are buying.

  • Don’t be pushy

Tell them about the features of the product without being pushy. In that case, they will not like to buy anything or wouldn’t want to explore other things about the company.

  • Valuable future emails 

When you send emails at the start, you give valuable information and use language which builds trust between you and your customers. Your future emails should provide the same value to them. If you start neglecting them just because they made the purchase, there will be more chances of them not purchasing anything from you.

  • CTA button

Use AMP emails and dynamics forms to set up interactive CTA buttons. 

How to conduct an Email Marketing Campaign

  • Use an email planning template. It will help write effective email sets that will lure your customer’s attention.
  • Knowing the goal of the campaign is very important. If you don’t know the campaign’s goal, you will never know about your success or lack thereof.
  • You should know who you are emailing. You cannot decide what type of email you know without knowing your audience. You can’t just aim arrogant in the dark. an 
  • You have through the view of your buyers. You have to find what will attract them and what will convince them to make a purchase again.
  • You have to make a list of your target audience and define the criteria for enrollment. You Have to choose your target audience to have a successful business.
  • You have to think about a timeline within which you want to run the campaign. It gives you the chance to track your progress without being lazy. It gives your business the flare it needs.
  • Always plan your emails beforehand and then follow up according to your plan.
  • Subject lines should be click-worthy to gain the attention of your customers.
  • Use a comprehensive email builder to make it a whole.
  • Clear calls to action should be included.
  • Personalize each and every email for better results.
  • The email should have an unsubscribe option.
  • Make the emails desktop friendly as well as mobile-friendly.
  • Go through the metrics of the email.

Top 30 Email Campaigns Templates for D2C Brands

1. J.Crew factory

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

J.Crew is used for gift cards. The emails are sent to the people who want a perfectly wrapped gift. You can get these by two methods: one is in-store or online. Even they give you the option to spend your money as little as possible by providing a map with the location of the nearest store at the end of the email. This is best for those who are on a low budget. You can quickly get a Pinterest-Esque wrapped gift. They provide a clever and low-friction solution for your problem.

Template of promotion marketing campaign email

2. Charity: water

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Charity: water provides transactional emails. The emails are sent when the customers take a specific action. This can go from filling out a form for some purchases to getting an update on an order. These plain text emails are critical, but many marketers neglect them. 

People who donate to charity constantly get emails regarding the impact of their donation. These emails give the donors more reason to donate. This is a very rare thing in any marketing company, but charity: water takes a different route for practical impact on the world around them.

Engagement email marketing template for charity

3. Brooks Sports

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

The emails sent by Brooks Sports are on accomplishments of Olympic marathoners. Brooks Sports were shoe and apparel sponsors of Desiree Linden. In 2018 she was the first American woman who win the Boston marathon in 30 years. So the emails are made to celebrate the partnership between them.

These emails demonstrate their loyalty and provide value to their product. People can easily give attention to such matters, and also, who wouldn’t want to own something the celebrity figure holds.

The celebration of the proud victory of Desiree Linden made people continue reading the email further and make purchases.

Engagement email sent by brooks sports for Otympic marathoners

4. Uber

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Uber sends emails in a very brief manner but includes all the essential information. This is very useful for those who don’t like to read lengthy emails, which is the majority of people. They provide you with details regarding deals and promotions without speaking nonsense. The emails contain prominent CTA for the customers.

They use emails that are shown with bright and vibrant colors and some fabulous geometric patterns, just like their apps, websites, social media sites, etc. 

The most endearing about these emails is their brand tactics and stories, which directly reach customers’ hearts.

Email template of uber for engagement

5. TheSkimm

Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

TheSkimm provides simple and short emails with a clean design. Newsletters are read because of the punchy lines and the brief content. But they also share something different than others. If you go to the subscriber engagement email below, you’ll see they rewarded their subscriber for having a subscription for two years.

People like getting emails for the completion of a milestone or any kind of celebration. It gives them different types of joy.

Even the asked the subscriber to become the ambassador for their brand. She just had to share the like with her ten friends. This, in turn, encourages the people to trust this brand more.

customer delight marketing campaign email template by The skimm

6. Mom and Dad’s money

Marketing Campaign: Questionnaire

Mom and Dad’s money focuses on understanding their readers. They don’t do market research only. But they do interviews, surveys, and actual readership to know their customers better. 

Though their emails are simple, they are packed with valuable information which taps readers’ hearts. This helps in their sales as customers get what they want. It is only possible because they do thorough research on their customers. 

They not only give you a chance to ask questions but also provide you with the best answers to clarify your doubts about their products. They also take your feedback very well without leaving the chance to thank you for contributing to the questionnaire.

Questionnarie email marketing campaign template

7. Birchbox 

Marketing Campaign : Promotion

They have different promotion tactics which click on people’s attention immediately. One of their email’s subject lines for a beauty product is ‘We Forgot Something in Your February Box.’ It is a brilliant way to make people click the email. The thing they forgot is the discount coupon they say. But it turns out it is the discount coupon for Rent a Runaway. Its rental company chose Birchbox for its promotion.

It works wonders as it gains her attention and gives the customer a delightful treat.

promotion Email marketing template of Birchbox

8. Postmates 

Marketing Campaign : Promotion

Postmates provides emails in a fun way. They edit GIFs in their emails to attract their customers’ attention. GIFs are fun to watch, easy to consume, and have some emotional impact on people.

GIFs sometimes give you some hearty laugh, or sometimes they make you crave Chipotle. Customers get the sudden urge to make the purchase just by watching the GIF. So here is a promotion in the disguise of a fun GIF.

GIF in the emails for promotion template by postmates

9. Dropbox 

Marketing Campaign :Re-Engagement

Dropbox sends emails with brief content, which is necessary for educating the customers. They include some funny cartoons and an emoticon in their emails. The drawing or emoticon attracts the reader’s mind, and as the email is short and sweet, most readers read the email. 

They also send incentives at the end so the customer can use their service. Incentives can be a limited period coupon or something.

They provide a solution with their product with just a little creative demonstration. It is a creative way to demonstrate their services.

email template of dropbox for re engagement marketing campaign


Marketing Campaign:Newsletter

InVision goes for a very different tactic than others. Every week they give away some of their designs. Some of them are links to the best dresses of the week, free giveaway t-shirts, or sometimes they have surveys. These things help in making the customer trust them.

The emails have not only text but also some relevant images. As you already know, pictures attract more attention than any long newsletter. As the newsletter is long, it provides you the feature that is mobile friendly. They also offer clear and attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

InVisionApp email poster for their marketing campaign newsletter

11. Cook Smarts

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Cook Smarts send a weekly newsletter to the subscribers, which includes yummy recipes in the form of a meal plan. No one can say no to those delicious meal recipes. 

The best part of the newsletter is that it has three sections. The first is the menu, the second is how-to’s in the kitchen, and the third is tips. Which makes it easier to search for what you are looking for as it is not scattered all over the place.

The emails are set up in a firm so they can be shared among family and friends. Because of the easy share process, most people share it when asked at the end of the email.

cook smarts email template for their weekly newsletter describe three sections first menu, second how-to's in the kitchen and third is tips

12. HireVue

Marketing Campaign: Email preferences

They send professional emails to the customers with the best information. But one of the awesome things they do is they send an email on unsubscribe. They don’t let the customer feel bad for it. But they give them a chance to rethink their choice by a CTA button that says ‘Don’t let me go.’ And it works magic.

HireVue email template for marketing campaign shows that they send email on unsubscribe

13. Paperless Post

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

They promote their products on different holidays and occasions. They remind you that it’s mothers day and maybe you should do something for your mother. 

They build CTA for the products, which will directly lead the customer to the purchase page. This brings the sentiment of customers to make the purchase.

Paperless Post promotion email template. emails on holidays and occasions

14. Stitcher 

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Stitcher shares recommendations with emails. The recommendations are on-demand podcast or radio show apps. It makes you listen to podcasts or radio shows without much hassle. 

Their emails have designs of vibrant colors which are easy to gain the attention of the reader. The CTA buttons are big enough for the customers to press.

The emails give customers a good vibe as it is personalized for them. It makes the connection with the customer and the brand strong.

Engagement email  template by Stitcher for recommendations

15. RCN

Marketing Campaign: Update

RCN, a cable and wireless internet service provider, sends you emails regarding the weather update. It updates customers about any kind of weather outrage through emails. So they can leave work early or stay at home to avoid any harm.

These emails are genuinely sent for the safety of the customers. They don’t include any promotions or offers.

Update email template By RCN to their customers

16. Trulia

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Trulia is used as a property search engine by renters, buyers, and sellers. Customers who want to find a property that is suitable for them subscribe to these newsletters.

These newsletters contain well-researched information for customers. They use beautiful subject lines for the emails. So the customers can click and look up the property.

Newsletter email template by trulia

17. RedBubble

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

RedBubble sells merchandise designed by artists. They send emails to promote the merchandise to the customers. They make it brief and sweet, which doesn’t bore the customers. 

They also have a straightforward process for sharing the email with friends and family. They also share motivational quotes in the email, which gives some kind of encouragement to the customers.

example of promotion email by redbubble RedBubble sells merchandise designed by artists. They send emails to promote the merchandise to the customers.

18. Zurb

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Zurb offers some awesome email templates that are adaptable and will give you good guidance in your work. They are truly responsive and used by many companies for better results in their sales. There are different template templates for newsletters, sidebar, basic, emails, etcetera. There are three free tutorials that you can download from the same web page.

Newsletter: marketing campaign template of  Zurb

19. Email on Acid

They provide templates that are not only desktop friendly but also mobile-friendly. They are responsive and adaptable templates. If you are new to email marketing, they have hints and some tips. You will find them in the handy blog alongside the template. So they are beginner-friendly.

email template on acid desktop and mobile friendly both

20. Litmus

For using Litmus, it is necessary to have a paid subscription. You can download it directly from the website. If you have some coding experience, they offer

 five responsive HTML templates. To make branded templates, you can use these adaptable templates.

five responsive HTML templates by Litmus

21. Mailerlite


In Mailerlite, you can send unlimited emails if you have less than 1000 subscribers. It has templates for different types of brands. Emails can be sent by time zone, split test, and tag subscribers, which you can personalize according to your need.

mailerlite emails template example

22. Freshmail 

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

It has adaptable and awesome templates you can easily use. Those can be edited easily, and you can send them for free if you have up to 500 subscribers. You can write emails quickly on this app as it is mobile-friendly and desktop friendly.

Freshmail email template easy to use and edited for newsletter

23. Cakemail

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter 

Cakemail has responsive and adaptable templates which you can easily use. These are HTML editable. You get 56 email templates which you can download from the website. If you are a beginner, you can use Cakemail editor for editing the templates. Though it is a paid subscription, those awesome templates are worth it.

cakemail HTML email templates easy to use for marketing campaign : newsletter

24. Mailjet

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

In Mailjet, you can send 6000 emails every month, around 200 emails per day. It includes an advanced statistics feature. It also has many templates where you can use the photographic components. It gives the email the visual attention many brands require in their emails. This feature can be used by the ‘drag and drip’ editor.

Mailjet newsletter email templates for marketing campaign

25. Benchmark

You can send 14000 emails to 2000 subscribers in this. But there is no option for automation, A\B testing, and targeting. You can write essential and beautiful emails by using these templates. They have templates for different occasions. They are adaptable and can be quickly sent.

Benchmark email templates

26. Email Octopus 

It has a free subscription called ‘Shrimp.’ You can send unlimited emails to up to 2500 subscribers of yours. However, it does not have automation features in the free subscription only on paid. Even if you don’t subscribe to it, you can get 11 free email templates that you can download from the website. You can quickly get different templates to work with.

email octopus emails templates called shrimp

27. EmailOut

In EmailOut, you can freely send 12500 emails to up to 2500 subscribers. You can easily use the adaptable templates it provides designed by professionals. It also helps in making your HTML design imports.

EmailOut free emails template

28. Zoho Campaigns

It has a ‘Forever free’ plan which lets you send 12000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers. It has some fantastic features along with awesome templates. You can create beautiful emails by using these templates. It also has the A/B testing function and clear and concise analytics. 

zoho Campaigns emails templates

29. Mailchimp

In the free subscription, you get to send 12000 emails up to 2000 subscriptions for a month. You get free adaptable ‘drag and drop’ templates which you can use according to yourself. It doesn’t have many analytical tools on the free version, but still, it’s pretty good, especially for beginners. 

There is a feature called segmentation where you can divide captured email addresses into a list for a personal touch. It can be easily converted into beautiful emails for your customers.

Mailchimp email template for email marketing

30. Rip Curl

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Rip Curl is an Australian surfing sportswear retailer. They send their email with the saying 

‘Join the Revolution.’ The emails are designed in a way that affects the psychological side of the customers. They make their customers believe they are doing something impactful by buying the product. 

The best part of the email is their punchy headlines—those demand customers’ instant attention. People are willing to be part of something that impacts the world around them better. So they are eager to make the purchase and join the ‘Revolution.’

Rip Curl promotion email template


Email marketing is necessary for D2C business. Emails help in building trust between the customers and the company. Above are the top 30 email campaign templates for D2C brands. You can easily use those templates to write perfect emails to your customers. I hope you find the above information helpful. 

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